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About Us

MEE and I’s food-loving chefs are combining the best cooking styles from all over Asia, in one small kitchen, to make some very big flavours! Once inside our new contemporary home at 45 Castle Street, you’ll find an experienced team of restauranteurs – including those behind the famous Dojo’s on Mill Lane – twinned with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, great service and unforgettable food!

MEE and I is Cambridge’s only Asian Tapas and Noodle bar and serves up dishes from across Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea, along with a selection craft beers. We’re bringing the taste real Asian fusion cooking to foodies in the UK’s most discerning city.

MEE and I Asian Tapas and Noodle restaurant

On our delicious menu you’ll find favourites like tempura, edamame, dumplings, pad thai, noodles, curries and rice, Our tapas-style menu is divided into small and large plates – perfect if you fancy sampling a few dishes in one sitting!

Now there’s finally a good reason to start cycling up that monstrous hill, and with no excuse not to reach the top, you can work up a good appetite whilst you’re at it!

About MEE and I food

Does MEE and I use MSG?

No! No MSG additives used or added to our cooking. Artificial additives are not good for you. We took notice and took action. We don’t use it when we cook for our families. So we aren’t going to use it when we cook for our customers.

What you taste at MEE and I is the real thing. Real recipes using real ingredients.

What’s MEE and I’s policy on GM ingredients?

Simply no GM ingredients are used whatsoever.

How authentic is MEE and I’s food?

Most of our dishes taste just as how they taste back in the Far East (i.e. on the streets of Bangkok or the hawker stalls of Kuala Lumpur and downtown Singapore).

Why the extra big noodle portions?

MEE and I‘s name has always been synonymous with giant servings of noodles. This merely reflects MEE and I‘s proprietors insistence to serve, in Cambridge, a noodle quantity and quality that they would expect and experienced from their favourite noodle bars throughout Asia. So at MEE and I you really do get dishes that are bigger, better and less pricey than the rest.

What is so special about MEE and I’s food?

We go that extra mile to make sure our dishes taste fantastic. Using the freshest ingredients and making our stock and sauces daily are the basics of the basics. What really differentiates us is our insistence of using the world’s best sesame oil, to our love of using Japan’s No.1 brand for miso paste. From using the highest quality imported yaki-soba sauce, to lavishing our Thai curries with Thai baby aubergine (a veg nearly three times as costly shitake mushroom).

Why go that extra mile? Simply because we love seeing our customers love our food! And for what you’re getting, we are seriously BIG on value for money!

Food is our passion. Uncompromising food quality is a must. It matters to us that we serve you great tasting food.

Bottom line, we truly aim to deliver.

MEE and I Asian Tapas and Noodle restaurant

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Parking is available near the restaurant in St Peter's Street (Pay & Display), Castle Hill car park or
Shire Hall front car park (Sat & Sun only) opposite the restaurant.


We can take parties up to 120 people and supply music.


Experience a taste of authentic flavours from Asia!

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